I know you all know the idiom ménage à trois. No, this is not the proper occasion to use it. IMGP5310.resized.JPG

Éclair, chocolate and coffee flavoured: IMGP5300.resized.JPG

More éclair: IMGP5312.resized.JPG

One of the flan: IMGP5306.resized.JPG

Close-up on the flan. That's right baby, give it to me. IMGP5314.resized.JPG

Goodbye éclair, you were nice. IMGP5321.resized.JPG

Ok, I think you get the picture.

Donuts, for (sad, sad) comparison, not to scale[1] [2]:


[1] They're vegan though, nice.

[2] Before someone takes this the wrong way, I actually enjoy donuts in fact, and flans are usually quite dull and boring. Let's hope that won't apply to the robotic version of Flan.